Marketing consulting

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation “Ruwad” provides many marketing advices and consultations to its members. Some of these consultations include the following:

First program: strategic marketing plan for small enterprises
This program targets the entrepreneurs who wish to develop a strategic marketing plan for their project.
it also includes the development process of the marketing map so that the owners of businesses will have a clear idea about marketing and executive operations.
all of these things will be carried out during the first period of the project’s life.

Second program: creating the brand or trade mark
This program aims toward entrepreneurs who want to create a brand and spread it in the market as well as to customers.
such a thing is done in order to build a project of commercial value in the market in addition to the marketing value of the assets in that project.
also, it intends to develop a plan therefore to spread such brand in coordination with all company’s activities, policies and procedures.

Third program: web design and social media
This program targets the entrepreneurs who wish to have a professional website that represents their business in a professional manner to their clients to give credibility to the project.
also, it provide advice on how to benefit from social media sites to settle new projects.