Administrative consulting

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation “Ruwad” provides several administrative consultations to its members through four programs which are stated below.

First program entrepreneurship
The program depends mainly on providing support, guidance, and motivation to the needed ones.
Also, this program, which is based on the concept of training and motivation, aims to take the entrepreneur on a ninety-day journey to set up the project as a journey to create a business that has all the elements for success.

Second program: preliminary feasibility studies
The program targets project owners whom seek to do feasibility study for their businesses.
they believe that the   such study will help them to have a better idea about the economic feasibility of the project or the needed funding from certain resources, either supporting organizations or commercial partnerships.

Third program: small project’s strategic planning
This program aims toward the entrepreneurs who want to develop a strategic plan for their project in line with their personal vision.

Fourth program: preparing business and operational plans
Ruwad helps entrepreneurs to prepare professional work plans step-by-step in record time.
therefore, this program is aimed toward the entrepreneurs who wish to develop a working plan for their business until they start conducting it.
such plan will help these projects to continue and grow as competitive projects according to ambitious, applicable, and realistic plans that are well studied and placed.