Local and Global Experiences

“Banker to the Poor” Story

In 1974, Muhammad Yunus was an economics teacher in Bangladesh. This country was suffering from famine. Therefore, he was bothered by the fact that he was teaching abstract theories while people were starving outside his classrooms. This fact helped him to realize that his economics education was unfair.

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This young man's story began after dropping out of school. How did he build the first billionaire Startup Company in his home country?

In 2010, a young man, Stephen Lam Hui-Yuen, dreamt of establishing a company to sell ads on food delivery boxes. However, the first obstacle he faced was the difficulty of finding delivery trucks and placing ads on them.

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Ideas from the Garage

Great achievements were once small dreams. Look carefully at any great achievement. You will find out that it started with a dream that did not receive any encouragement or appreciation. Also, it may not be located in an appropriate place at the beginning of its launch. I personally noticed that a large number of great technological companies popped out from garages in USA!

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