Managing director speech

Our prudent leadership has realized the importance of small and medium enterprises and the role they play in the development of local economy. The vision of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the member of UAE Supreme Council and the ruler of Sharjah and his continued support for this sector are just a reflection of his belief in its importance. His Highness directed the founding of Sharjah Foundation to Support Pioneering Entrepreneurs (RUWAD) in 2015 as an outcome of His Highness’s sagacious visions aiming to support small and medium enterprises and facilities, to set its promoting conditions, and to provide motives for local citizens and driving them to engage in all economic investment fields.

Also, the foundation has engaged in this sector and is still assuming the responsibility of providing national outcomes; represented by unique entrepreneurs and successful pioneer projects through launching a series of initiatives and programs that lead to the support and development of Entrepreneurship, and small and medium enterprises; whether emerging or existing.

Since its inception, the foundation has managed to support a large number of young entrepreneurs to launch their enterprises. Also, it worked on providing them with windows of opportunities to enroll within markets through financial and technical support, exempting the foundation supported enterprises from governmental fees, and designating a 10% of government procurements for its members. In addition, it assumes the role of disseminating the culture of entrepreneurship within all community classes; and working to develop their skills through organizing a suite of training programs as well as vocational diploma programs.

Thus, the foundation works on developing effective strategies and plans to create an attractive environment for creative ideas and transform them into enterprises that contribute to the growth of our economy.

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