Business incubators

Sharjah Entrepreneurship Foundation “Ruwad” provides many marketing advices and consultations to its members. Some of these consultations include the following:

Business incubators can be defined as a dedicated environment to assist entrepreneurs in the field of management and development of small and medium enterprises. Such environment pays attention to location, facilities, services, support mechanisms, consulting and organization.
Also, it works to sponsor and support these projects for a limited period, relieving entrepreneurs of the usual risks and providing these projects with greater opportunities for success through a legal entity established for this purpose.

Why to have a business incubator?
• to increase the chance of success of new projects.
• to provide a suitable environment for small projects and to protect them at their first stages.
• to transform research and studies into projects and products that can be marketed.
• to support the skills and creativity of new entrepreneurs.
• to provide strong and competitive projects that meet the needs of the community which are able to continue and develop.

<span style=”color: #3dbacc;”>Features and services offered by ruwad and sharjah expo centre</span>
• Providing the company’s headquarters with a nominal value of AED 10,000.
• Providing legal advice.
• Providing training services.
• Providing marketing advice.
• Providing needed halls for activities and meetings held by entrepreneurs.
• Participating in local and international exhibitions organized or sponsored by “Ruwad” Foundation and Sharjah Expo Center.
• Exemption from license fees from Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” and Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
• Becoming a member in “Ruwad” Foundation and enjoying the privileges the offered by the Foundation.
• Benefiting from the services provided by the incubator to the affiliated companies.
• Increasing the chances of obtaining support and funding for the Foundation according to the need of the project and its future plan and in accordance with the standards and conditions of the Foundation.
• Supporting the projects of members to obtain commercial franchise opportunities to enhance their competitive position.
• Joining the local and international relations network.
• Pursuing the project and providing the needed development and improvement advice by the Foundation.

Admission conditions for business incubators center
• Applicant or the partners should be UAE citizens (locals).
• Applicant age should not be more than 48 years old and not less than 21 years old.
• Proposed project should go in line with the main directions of the incubators center.

Required documents
Copy of passport and family book (applicant and partners).
A statement from Sharjah Economic Development Department “SEDD” stating that the applicant doesn’t obtain a license.
Submitting incubator data form.
Submitting the CV of applicant and partners, if any.