Government Procurement

Through this program, “Ruwad” Foundation aims to establish strategic partnerships with the federal and private companies in UAE to support to objectives of the Government Procurement Program in the country. This program can e attained by allocating a percentage of the annual procurement contracts to these entities to the benefit of the registered members of the program. Also, these partnerships are considered an added value for program members in providing the facilities and professional expertise needed to develop these projects.

Program objectives

  • Signing contracts and deals with major governmental institutions in Sharjah.
  • Providing necessary facilitates and support to the members of the program to develop and improve such program.
  • Promoting program members to supporting bodies.
  • Providing suitable opportunities for contracting with the supporting bodies.
  • Spreading the spirit of competition between the institutions of the members and the likes of the private sector.
  • Participating in exhibitions and conferences organized by the program.
  • Developing the level of the member’s facilities to a high level of quality, through the training plans and programs.

Membership conditions
Membership requirements in the Government Procurement Program include the following:

  • The establishment must be registered in the Emirate of Sharjah.
  • Must be owned and managed by UAE citizen (local).
  • Must be classified as a small or medium project.
  • The existing project should be there in the market for one year at least form the date of applying for membership program.